Top 8 Bollywood Celebs Who Love Gambling

Top 8 Bollywood Celebs Who Love Gambling

Have you ever wondered how Bollywood actors spend the millions of dollars they make? It turns out a significant chunk goes to gambling and casinos. Several celebs regularly visit casinos, such as, where they spend thousands of dollars.

The following are eight top Bollywood stars who can’t go a few weeks without visiting their favorite casinos.  

  1. Akshay Kumar 

You may know Akshay Kumar from thrillers such as Bell Bottom, Desi Boys, Brothers, and Hera Pheri. He is one of the highest-earning Bollywood actors, making millions per year. As we’ve already mentioned, he is currently worth over US$250 million.  

However, what you may not know is that he is also a casino enthusiast. He especially loves card games, and his friends say he’s pretty good at it too. Indeed, on her 80th birthday, he took her mother to Singapore to visit casinos.

  1. Amir Khan 

Amir Khan is perhaps most famous for the “3 Idiots.” However, he has appeared in many other popular movies, including Dangal, LAGAAN, Secret Superstar, and Like Stars on Earth. He is worth just over US$200 million.

Khan is another Bollywood actor who doesn’t go too long with indulging in a casino game. There are even whispers that he regularly hosts card parties at his Union Park bungalow. Poker and Rummy are his favorite games, and he’s won quite a number.

  1. Jeetendra 

A producer and actor, Kavi Kapoor, better known as Jeetendra, was born in 1942, and has been highly successful in the film industry, appearing in timeless classics, including Farz Humjoli and Mawaali.

According to various sources, casino playing is one of his favorite hobbies. He can be found at Goa casinos whenever he’s not at work and regularly organizes card parties at his Mumbai Bungalow. Insiders even say that his home is virtually turned into a casino during the card parties, complete with a bar, note dispensers, and Runny counters.

  1. Minissha Lamba

Minissha Lamba of “Well Done Abba” and “Bheja Fry 2” is one of the fan favorites in the Indian film industry. But did you know that she’s also a gambling professional?

If you dint, now you know. A quick check of Lamba’s Wikipedia profile indicates that she’s “an Indian film actress and poker player.” In fact, she asked to play at the casino with her colleagues Vinay Pathak and Rajat Kapoor during the filming of Bheja Fries 2, winning a massive prize at the end.

  1. Arjun Rampal 

Nearly everyone knows Arjun Lampal. Her appearance in The Daily Show in 1996 made her one of the most famous figures in the Indian cinema scene. She also rocked in Om Shanti, which debuted in 2007 and graced our screens again in 2021 with Dhaakad.

What you may now know is that she’s also a big fan of casinos, specifically poker. She admits to playing regularly at different locations and says she’s signed up with several poker platforms online. One of her favorite lines is, “Poker isn’t gambling; it’s a sport.”

  1. Shilpa Shetty 

Shilpa Shetty is an actress, film producer, author, dancer, model, and businesswoman. She’s also a wife, married to businessman Raj Kundra. You’ve likely seen her if you’ve watched Baazigar, Main Khiladi Tu Anari, and Dhadkan.

Although she doesn’t do it daily, she’s been seen in casinos where she spends tens of thousands at a go. The even more interesting part is that she almost always visits casinos in the company of her husband – a confessed gambling enthusiast. They frequent Las Vegas casinos and regularly host card parties at home.

  1. Herman Baweja 

35-year-old Herman Baweja is most famous for his role in the film Love Story 2050, where the actor travels into the future, reaching Mumbai in 2050 to bring his girlfriend back to life. Besides Love Story 2050, he has also appeared in “It’s My Life” and “Victory.”

Well, you may want to know that he’s also a professional poker player. Although he mostly plays with friends, he’s participated in poker tournaments in the past, including the IPC 10K Freezeout in 2010.   

  1. Raj Babbar 

Finally, Raj Babbar is another Bollywood actor (in this case, a past actor) who frequents casinos and loves gambling. Raj, also a politician, made a name in the Indian movie scene with Insaf Ka Tarazu before appearing in Aaj and Nikaah between 1982 and 1987.

Now a politician, Babbar gambles quite often and has been seen at several casinos in India. The only difference is that he tries to keep that side of his life private.


Now you know eight Bollywood celebs who enjoy playing at casinos, some of the professional card players. It’s perhaps the reminder we need that gambling can be a good sport, a great way to relax, and perhaps even a secondary income source if you play responsibly.


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