Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka – Cast & Crew Actors, Roles, Story

Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka

Ye Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka! (premiered on 14th October 2019) is an Indian Television’s fantasy romance drama. The soap opera is available every day in Star Plus and Hotstar. The show stars Vikram Singh Chauhan as the lead actor and Aditi Sharma as the lead actress.

Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Story

The story revolves around a nawab named Aman Junaid Khan and Roshni Ahmed. The duo is poles apart from each other but tied through magic and fate. Aman is believed to be possessed by a Jinn while Roshni is a Tawaif with the heart of an angel. Aman’s mother falls ill due to the Jinn’s magic and can be protected only if Aman marries Ayaana who is a woman with the heart of an angel. Roshni and Aman end up getting married following a series of misunderstanding and magic. Later in the shows, a series of events occur and new casts member. From Kabir killing Roshni to her coming back to life, there is an endless journey of fantasy.

In the last few episodes, it has been shown how Aman and Roshni get closer. Roshni is now pregnant with Aman’s twins. Kabir has joined hands with Laila, the red moon princess who tries to harm Roshni and the twins. Laila curses Roshni to die before the next full moon. Ina quest for saving Roshni, Aman dies. The jinn asked Roshni’s firstborn child to save Aman to which a heart broke Roshni agrees and brings Aman back to life.

Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Cast


  • Vikram Singh Chauhan

He plays the role of Aman Junaid Khan. He is the son of Parveen and Junaid. His siblings are Kabir, Sara and Saima. He is Farah’s half-brother and Roshni’s husband.

  • Aditi Sharma

She plays the role of Roshni Aman Junaid Khan (nee Ahmed). She is Salma’s adoptive daughter and Aman’s wife.


  • Smita Bansal

She plays the role of Parveen Khan. She is Nasreen’s sister, Junaid’s wife and Kabir, Aman, Sara, Saima’s mother.

  • Sushant Singh

He plays the role of Junaid Khan. He is Anjum’s son and Baby’s brother. He is also Rubina’s and Parveen’s husband. He is the father of Kabir, Aman, Sara, Saima and Farah.

  • Garima Vikrant Singh

She plays the Role of Salma Janesaar. She is a Tawaif and Roshni’s adoptive mother.

  • Jaswinder Gardner

She plays the role of Rubina Tabeezi Khan. She is Junaid’s wife, Farah’s mother, Kabir, Aman, Sara and Saima’s Step mother. She was the Khan family’s helper.

  • Arhaan Bhehll

He plays the role of Kabir Junaid Khan. He is known as the Sifriti Jinn. Parveen and Junaid are his parents. He is the brother of Aman, Sara and Saima. He is Farah’s half-brother and Aliya’s husband.

  • Vaibhavi Kapoor

She plays the role of Sara Khan and is the daughter of Parveen and Junaid. She is Aman, Kabir, Saima’s sister and half-sister of Farah.

  • Gouri Agarwal

She plays the role of Saima Khan. She is Parveen and Junaid’s daughter and sister of Aman, Kabir, Sara. Farah is her half-sister.

  • Saloni Daini

She plays the role of Farah Khan. She is the daughter of Rubina and Junaid. She is Kabir, Aman, Sara and Saima’s half-sister.

  • Richa Bhattacharya

She plays the role of Anjum Khan. She is Baby and Junaid’s mother. She is the grandmother of Kabir, Aman, Sara, Saima and Farah.

  • Seema Azmi

She plays the role of Baby Khan. She is Anjum’s daughter and Junaid’s sister. She is aunt of Farah, Kabir, Aman, Sara and Saima.

  • Ayansh Mishra

Plays the role of Mr. Chotu. He is Soha’s son.

  • Shehzada

He plays the role of Rehaan Khan. He is Nasreen’s son and Farah, Mahira’s brother. He is also the cousin of Aman.

  • Shruti Sharma

Plays the role of Shayari. She is Roshni’s cousin and Rehan’s secretary.

  • Ashita Dhawan

She plays the role of Nasreen Khan. She is Rehan, Farhan and Mahira’s mother. She is the sister of Parveen.

  • Prabhat Choudhary

He plays the role of Farhan Khan. He is Nasreen’s son. He is the brother of Farah and Rehan.

  • Solanki Sharma

She plays the role of Mahira Khan and is Nasreen’s daughter. She is Farhan and Rehan’s sister.

  • Himani Sahani

Himani plays the role of Natasha/Jinn Shikari. She is Rehan’s friend turned girlfriend who has come to hunt Rehan.

  • Sanjana Singh

She plays the role of Adaa Rizvi. She is the former fiancé of Aman.

  • Aashish Kaul

Plays the role of Mr. Rizvi and is Adaa’s father.

  • Anushka Singh

She plays the role of Mrs. Rizvi and is Adaa’s mother.

  • Rupesh Kataria

Plays the role of Sameer and is Roshni’s ex fiancé.

  • Rajshri Rani

She plays the role of Huma and is Sameer’s wife.

  • Sreejita De

She plays the role of Aliya. She is a Haiwana and Aman’s former girlfriend. She is Kabir’s wife and Aamir’s mother.

  • Krishvi Bhanushali

He plays the role of Aamir Khan. He is Aliya and Kabir’s son.

  • Aamir Salim Khan

He plays the role of Imran Khan. He is Aman’s cousin and Roshni’s friend.

  • Saloni Chauhan

She plays the role of Raakh Jinn. She is Kabir’s helper.

  • Surbhi Jyoti

She is the Red moon princess. Also known as Laila or Chandni.


Aditi Sharma was selected to play the role of Roshni Ahmed after extensive audition stages. Initially, Leenesh Mattoo was approached to play the role of Aman Junaid Khan but was later replaced by Vikram Singh Chauhan. Arhaan Behll joined the cast in December 2019 as Kabir Junaid Khan. Surbhi Jyoti was cast as the Red Moon Princess in March 2020 for few episodes cameo as Laila/Chandni. In June 2020 Shruti Sharma and Shehzada were cast to play the role of Shayari and Rehan Ahmed Khan.

Show Details

GenreDrama Fantasy
Created byGul Khan and Mrinal Jha
Written byMrinal Jha, Divya Sharma and Aparajita Sharma
Developed byGul Khan
Screenplay byShubham Sharma, Bhavya Balantrapu and Aditi Powar
Story byMrinal Jha
Directed byAtif Khan
Creative directorsMuskaan Bajaj
StarringVikram Singh Chauhan and Aditi Sharma
Theme music composerTapas Relia
Opening themeKahaani Humari Fasani Fasana Humara
ComposersSanjeev Shrivastav
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No of seasons1
No of episodes140
ProducersGul Khan and Karishma Jain
Production locationFilm City, Mumbai
CinematographyNidhin Valard
AnimatorsFlying Toads Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
EditorShashank H. Singh
Camera SetupMulti Camera
Running time20-24 minutes
Production company4 Lions Films
DistributorStar India
Original NetworkStar Plus
Picture format576i 1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original Release14th October 2019- Present


“Kahani Humari Fasana Humara” has become a well-known song which is loved by all of us. It is Yehh Jadoo Hai Jinn Ka’s main soundtrack and theme song. It is written by Divy Nidhi Sharma. It is sung by Pamela Jain and Bhaven Dhanak. It is composed by Sanjeev Srivastava.

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