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ThiruttuMovies: Watch Thrilling Tamil Movies Anywhere! The best site a person interested in watching Tamil movies and even movies dubbed and subbed in Tamil could land upon.

This is by far the most accessible platform when it comes to User Interface. You can see everything at one glance and choose from a wide array of Tamil Movies to watch online by streaming at ThiruttuMovies itself, or by downloading it on your device to save for later. Thiruttu Movies has basic controls, making it easier for anyone to access his/her favorite movie easily:

ThiruttuMovies – Tamil Dubbed Movies Download

With over 18 categories mentioning the latest updates in each of them, the Home Page of ThiruttuMovies includes all links in a simple format. New movies made available are also said at the top, alongside their download links as well.

Search options are available after going into one of the categories mentioned on the Home Page of ThiruttuMovies. A search option is available at the top center of the page, allowing anyone to type the particular movie they are searching for and get it in seconds. 

Tamil Dubbed Movies

  • Tamil 2023 Movies
  • Tamil 2022 Movies
  • Tamil 2021 Movies
  • Tamil 2020 Movies
  • Tamil 2019 Movies
  • Tamil 2018 Movies
  • Tamil 2017 Movies
  • Tamil 2016 Movies
  • Tamil 2015 Movies

Tamil Dubbed Movies Collection

  • Tamil 2021-2015
  • Vikram Movies Collection Dhanush Movies
  • Collection Surya Movies Collection
  • Simbu Movies Collection
  • Jeeva Movies Collection
  • Arya Movies Collection
  • Karthi Movies Collection
  • Vijay Sethupati Movies Collection
  • Vijay Movies Collection
  • Madhavan Movies Collection
  • SivaKarthikeyan Movies Collection
  • Vishal Movies Collection

Sort Movies Easily

Cannot seem to remember a particular movie’s name but remember the visuals? A drop-down menu under each category allows the viewer to order the film in the following manner chronologically:

  • Sort by Date (Ascending)
  • Sort by Date (Descending)
  • Sort by Name (Ascending)
  • Sort by Date (Descending)
  • Sort by Size (Ascending)
  • Sort by Size (Descending)

How to download it?

Downloading is as easy as the interface, by clicking on the link of the movie title of the movie you wish to download; you can easily save it for yourself later. Follow the step-by-step process to get a better idea:

Go to

Select the category of your movie, or you can also search for the film if you know its exact title.

Find out your movie and click on the link, to make your search easier, you can sort your film as per the name or date.

The link will lead to another similar hyperlink; this is your download link. 

Click on it to start downloading your movie immediately.

Bookmark and Tags

A simple yet informative feature of Thiruttu Movies is the mentioning of Bookmarks it has done and the tags the website has used to make the movie readily available to its viewers. 

Tags would help you in understanding the genre and the category of a particular movie, whereas bookmarking it for later always saves time that would’ve been wasted in searching for the film when you land at Thiruttu Movies the next time.

Communication through Telegram

Wondering who else browses through the platform? ThiruttuMovies has a Telegram network of movie enthusiasts for you to join and share your thought and opinions with others having the same interests as yours! Their Telegram link is available on top of each category and is accessible to anyone.

With the onset and rise of English Movies and their reach to millions worldwide, somewhere we have forgotten the emotion a particular language withholds for its community. This specific website allows Tamilians and even those interested in understanding the language to come together as a family and enjoy the dialect and differences as a whole. 


Though ThiruttuMovies is a great website, we will not recommend you use this since it is an illegal website. Instead, you can buy a subscription to sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. They have different plans for every requirement and are legal ways to watch movies and tv shows. 


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