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Founded in the year 2019, Biography info has come a long way from its beginnings with lesser information to highly accurate information on the most trending public figures. When Mohammad Kaleem first started.

His passion for providing latest celebrity information through biography info website it drove them to be more social, gather more relevant information through sources so that Biography info can offer you the worlds most trusted information with recent updates without any time gap between the incidence and update of information.

We now serve customers all over the world and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into our website. The main idea behind this website is to provide the website viewers with the most accurate and updated information regarding the trending public figures and the most searched public data and celebrities, also to keep them away from any rumours to protect them from getting misguided. In this world of Biography, info is all set to stand out as a ray of hope. We are all set to be an epitome of information providers and make it our niche.

We have the best of sources with trusted writers and editors to provide you with only those information that keeps you entertained, updated and connected with us for a longer time to keep providing you with world-class information in seconds of your click. We cover all public figures, including celebrities, journalists, sportsperson and politicians.

Our coverage will get broader and broader, and we won’t leave any of our viewer dissatisfied. With Biography information, you can get information on any and every trending, most searched and latest or say rising stars and public figures.

The uniqueness about us is we keep updating our website as and when new information is received and the viewers don’t have to wait or go through tons of sites on Google or wait for the celebrities to update the information themselves on their social handles. Biography info is one source for information on all public figures.

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